USSO 289Z China & the World 中國與世界: 19th & 20th Century Encounters
FALL SEMESTER 2018 | TUE/THU 11:30 AM - 12:45 PM | Classroom: 11A Crawford Hall

Instructor: Prof. Jonathan Tan | Office: 243G Tomlinson Hall | (216) 368-6446 |

Writing Instructor: Dr. Andrea Milne | Office: Bellflower Hall 206 |

Although frequently characterized as a country whose past was marked by insularity and disdain for all things foreign, until the West "opened [it] up,"" China’s engagement with the world has been long and deep. China—Chinese emperors, Chinese governments, and Chinese people across the social spectrum—have energetically engaged with the broader world, permitting, encouraging, and seeking the circulation of foreign ideas and goods. This seminar focuses on how China has taken measure of the world and the goods and ideas that have flowed into and out of China during the past several centuries, from roughly the sixteenth century through the beginning of the twenty first century. Students will also examine one topic in depth in their research project as an historical case study during the semester-long course. Focus on a single thematic topic serves as a microcosm of social, political, and economic exchanges that highlight the complex ways in which understandings of China’s relations with the world have shifted over time.



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