RLGN 229 / HSTY 229: Asian Christianity: Historical Perspectives
SPRING SEMESTER 2017 | Tuesday 4:00-6:30 PM | Classroom: 243 Tomlinson Hall | Prof. Jonathan Tan | Office: 243G Tomlinson Hall | (216) 368-6446 | jonathan.tan@case.edu

The history of Christianity in Asia is as old as the history of Christianity itself. On the one hand, it is a truism that Jesus and his earliest followers lived in West Asia and his followers also spread eastward of Jerusalem. On the other hand, while much has been told about the transformation of this movement from an obscure Jewish sect to the imperial Christendom of Europe and onward to a global religion that rode on the coattails of European imperialism and colonial expansionism, not enough attention has been given to the Christianity that spread eastward within Asia in the first millennium of Christianity’s history. To redress this imbalance, this course introduces students to the historical eastward movement of Christianity from Jerusalem across Asia. Students will explore the historical emergence and development of various Christian traditions – Oriental Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant, the roles that indigenous Asian and foreign European missionaries played, as well as the impact and implications of European Catholic and Protestant colonial missions in the age of European global imperialism.



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