RLGN 171 Introducing Christianity
SPRING SEMESTER 2018 | TUE/THU 10:00-11:15 AM | Classroom: Crawford 11A | Prof. Jonathan Tan | Office: 243G Tomlinson Hall | (216) 368-6446 | jonathan.tan@case.edu

This course introduces students to the academic discipline of World Christianity, with a focus on diversity and plurality within the Christian tradition as a world religion. Students will explore the global perspectives of Christianity, in recognition of the fact that more than two-thirds of the world’s Christian population today are from the Majority or Two Thirds World, the so-called Global South. Students will also consider the challenges posed by, as well as the possibilities offered by the increasing diversity and plurality within the Christian tradition, as they examine the wider social, cultural, ethical, economic, and political dimensions of Christianity, and themes of community-making, identity formation and constructions, and social movements in regions beyond Europe and North America, through both historical and contemporary perspectives. Students will also investigate the impact and implications of missionary expansion, religious reception, colonialism and imperialism, globalization, transnational migration, postcolonialism, and multiple belonging on the transformation of Christianity from a Eurocentric religious tradition to a truly global world religion.



Required Books

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