RLGN 153 / ETHS 153 / CHIN 253: Introducing Chinese Religions 中華宗教
FALL SEMESTER 2018 | TUE/THU 10:00-11:15 AM | Classroom: Sears 542 | Prof. Jonathan Tan | Office: 243G Tomlinson Hall | (216) 368-6446 | jonathan.tan@case.edu

This course surveys the three principal religious traditions of China – the Confucian, Daoist, and Chinese Buddhist traditions, as well as introduces students to historic Chinese Christianity and Islam. Emerging during the Warring States period in China's history (403-221 B.C.E.), the Confucian and Daoist traditions provide many of the foundational assumptions about humanity and the world within the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese cultures and worldviews of East Asia. As the world’s first global missionary religion, Buddhism travelled from India to China, joining the two great missionary religions of Christianity and Islam along the Silk Road as they journeyed across Central Asia to East Asia. Having crossed geographical borders and socio-cultural boundaries when they arrived in China, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam were transformed and enriched by their mutual encounters and engagements with the indigenous Confucian and Daoist traditions, giving rise to uniquely Chinese Buddhist, Christian and Islamic traditions. For example, the emergence of Pure Land Buddhism and Chan (Zen) Buddhism in China represent the fruits of Indian Buddhism's interreligious encounters with the Confucian and Daoist traditions.

子曰: 「學而不思則罔, 思而不學則殆。」
The Master says: "Learning without thinking is a waste of time, Thinking without learning is dangerous" (Lunyu 論語 2:15).



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