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Tue 6:00-8:30 p.m. (Alter 324)
Dr. Jonathan Y. Tan
( 陳運佳教授 )
(513) 745-3794
329 Hinkle Hall

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Religion: Web Resources
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Library Research Resources for Writing Term Papers, Synthesis Papers & MA Theses

Religion: News Resources
Religion: Web Resources

Latino/a Bibliography of Theology & Religious Studies (Academy of Catholic Hispanic Theologians in the U.S.)

Directory of Internet Resources for Asian American Studies (maintained by Professor Robert Eng, University of Redlands History Department)
Asian American Peoples Library Guides (College of the Sequoias Library)
Asian American Evangelicalism Web Resources (Institute for the Study of American Evangelicalism, Wheaton College)
Asian Pacific Americans: Laws & Policies (University of Dayton Law School)


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Priest & Nieves
This Side of

(Oxford, 2007)

Phan & Hayes
Many Faces,
One Church

(Sheed & Ward,

D.N. Hopkins
Black Theology
of Liberation

(Orbis, 1999)

Torre & Aponte
Latino/a Theologies

(Orbis, 2001)

Phan & Lee, eds.
Journeys at
the Margin

(Liturgical Press, 1999)

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